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Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades and How They Save Energy

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Are you looking for a window treatment that can provide insulation for your windows without sacrificing style and functionality?

In a time when energy-efficiency is so important, window treatment experts have developed an incredibly effective solution for you!

What are Honeycomb Shades?

Also called cellular shades, they are designed with air pockets within the accordion-fold panels to provide for the most cost-saving energy efficiency.

The honeycomb shade is a manufactured window covering that offers the best insulation for your home.

Get Acquainted with Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Duette is the brand of the cellular-style shade from Hunter Douglas.

This company was the first to design and engineer these type window treatments, providing an effective solution for heat and cooling loss through windows and doors.

Duette Honeycomb shades are ideal for vertical installations and are great with the motorization operating system.

They come in a variety of fabrics and pleat sizes.

They are inspired with the latest trends in mind to be a perfect custom fit for any homeowners’ style.

How are Duette Shades Made?

Duette shades are made of durable fabrics that will not fade from sun exposure and also work to absorb sound.

The fabric is constructed into hollow, cellular-type panels that fold up like an accordion when drawn open.

How do Duette Blinds Work?

duette honeycomb shades

The open-air concept of Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shades trap air in distinct pockets that resemble a cellular structure.

This innovative and strategic design is made to increase the R-value of these shades.

The definition of R-value is the rate at which heat gets transferred to an object.

This means that in the colder months, the warmth will stay inside the home, escaping up to 40% less through the windows.

In the warmer months, the shades will block up to 80% of solar heat to help decrease cooling costs.

Compare to the Energy Savings of Other Window Coverings

The biggest difference between specialty cellular blinds and other window treatment options, like pleated blinds, or Venetian blinds, is the insulation factor.

With the double layer of protection provided by the two walls of material that make up the cellular structure, you are going to see the difference in your heating and cooling bills.

You will also feel the difference in your living room temperatures due to the unique design!

Pleated blinds have only one layer of fabric in their panels, and some are made with very sheer material, which will not be as effective for privacy, light reduction, or insulation.


Let us introduce the Applause® Honeycomb Shades with Duolite®, another specialty product from the line of Hunter Douglas window treatments.

This combo will make your home living environment even more enjoyable with its versatile light control solutions and energy-saving design.

This design offers a double cell structure that incorporates two layers for insulation instead of one.

These shades are made perfect for vertical windows and doors to get the best energy-saving benefits.

Plus, control the amount of natural light in each room with these innovative operating systems:

Vertiglide™  operating system and the PowerView® Motorization System for ultimate convenience.

You may be intimidated by this high-tech, fancy feature, but these motorization systems are incredibly easy to install by the window-treatment specialist, as well as easy to operate.

When in doubt, there is a video to further explain how the system works.

The Duolite component is a system designed to layer, meaning there are two layers of material to enable the best of both worlds of light and darkness.

One layer provides the option to let in the right amount light for your liking, the other layer provides for a darkening effect and more privacy – it’s like two systems in one!

The Different Styles of Hunter Douglas

This company is a master creator of luxury window treatments. Their Alustra® Collection provides for a multitude of styles and colors to work with.

Let the light shine and radiate with these elegant decor offerings. The style is not just in the fabric but in the very detail of the fixtures too.

As discussed, the honeycomb-style Hunter Douglas window treatments come in two options, the Duette shade, and the Applause shade.


The Duette Shade comes with the option to incorporate the LightLock™ system, an operating system to provide limited light and the ultimate darkness desired.

The Duolite system works with the Applause double layer shade systems. The Duolite operating system provides the best of both light and dark worlds.

The Complete Package with Hunter Douglas

What is so unique about the Hunter Douglas collection is that there is meticulous detail in its design.

From the durable, clean, crisp, anti-fade fabrics in an array of colors, to the pieces used in the assembly, to the smooth working operating systems of the Powerview motorization.

Yes, you can deck out your home to the 9’s by installing duo-designed top-down bottom-up motorization operating shade systems.

You can complete your home furnishing project with the elaborate Hunter Douglas design collection.

Are you interested in the energy-saving benefits of cellular shades by Hunter Douglas? We would love to have a conversation with you.

Drop a note below in the comments section to get the conversation started.

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